As a child I had an Erector Set and Legos, a whole lot of Star Wars action figures and play sets, and of course model trains. These toys of creative building, mechanics, and cinematic fantasy have impacted my thinking throughout life as an artist, designer, fabricator, model maker, and professor.

The imagery throughout my art is influenced by film and media. I am intrigued not by the photographic image but by the credence that photography and film give to imagery. As a documentary format, the photograph is real and truth, so we begin to then associate media imagery as the preconceived and understood standard, the "model". In art I model and create environments, scaled dioramas, that are choreographed scenes. These scaled representations are voyeuristic by nature, allowing a look from outside, that is real but also toy-like and faux. The work creates a cinematic-like image that is narrative or suggests a story based upon our preconceived idea of what has happened, is happening, or will happen next. The individual interpretation, the perception of the image narrative, the decision to view the image as a cliffhanger or mundane, is culturally based on the standards of our film and media.

In all my work I utilize fabrication techniques combined and borrowed from what I have learned in art, product prototyping, and manufacturing. I also blend these ways of making and philosophies in my teaching often looking at the simplest solution to a problem and employing references of toys, art, and products understanding that creativity is the act of combining what has not been yet assembled.