Urban Chronicles : Alleyway
20" x 20" Each

The Urban Chronicles Alleyway series is part of the Urban Chronicles series of images that depicts varying times of day in typical city environments. Inspired by the Hitchcock film Rear Window and my own voyeuristic nature to watch the city move like a mechanism, the images are filled with multiple interactions amidst the transient movement of individuals in the city that can be observed in everyday activity and our desire to see what we expect with a need for the dramatic. With each scene there is different atmosphere of activity, a visual account of the multiple characters and personas of the space, and a suggestion of the individual narratives of a group of people crossing paths. These visual suggestions are meant to recall our expectations of what we have been taught by media and film portrayals with each viewer applying their own description. The four images of the alleyway series represent scenes adapted from film and graphic novels depicting the crime, homeless, and morally questionable activity that is associated with a dimly lit, dark alley.